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Carla TMHF

$6000- My dad calls her a "grandma mare." I know some people would think that's an insult for a young horse, but I know exactly what he means. She is the perfect size and personality to make her the the horse that any grandmother would want to buy to share with her grandkids. Watch the video below and you will see that she is strong and athletic. But she is a true sweeetie. She is 14 hands, and 4 years old.The video below is a pretty accurate presentation of her. It shows who she really is.

Master Classic GA

$5200- We call him Mack. You can call him Teddy Bear or whatever you'd like. He is a true sweetheart and a good choice for most families. He has the kind of calm personality that we hate to sell. But we are blessed with a lot of really good minded horses right now. Mack is only three but no one who meets him believes it. He is wise beyond his years. He is 14 hands, a little stocky, but very stylish. Check out the video below.

Waltzing Johnny SGH

SALE PENDING- The latest edition of Cassie and River to be offered for sale. This has been our top cross for many years. When you watch the video below, you'll see why. Johnny is a stylish young two year old. He has all the promise of his older siblings. Johnny is just statring his driving training now and will be lightly starting under saddle soon. You can see his full sibling, Willie, listed on this page. Born Valentine's Day, 2014, Johnny is going to be somebody's sweetheart.

Bet-She-Rox PA
NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE- This is a very special opportunity. Roxie is the 2013 National Reserve Champion Senior Mare. She is six years old. See the video. She rides and drives nicely. We will get our second foal out of Roxy this year and then she will be available. We're not in a hurry to sell Roxie, as we've had a beautiful foal out of her. But we have two new stallions this year and we're slightly changing what our target mare will be for our breeding program.

Waltzing Classic Edition

$3200 Eddie is a super stylish colt out of terrific breeding. His mother is a good jumper and a true athlete. You can see this athleticism in Eddie. He is a really nice looking yearling.

Waltzing Hans SGH

$3200 Hans is out of our top cross (River x Cassie). He will be good. See full brothers Waltzing Johnny and Waltzing William. Hans is an extremely athletic and powerful yearling.

Waltzing Rox Star SGH

$3200 Rocky's mother is out of one of the top Haflinger families in this country. His father's pedigree is stronger. His mother is listed on this page, with a video. Rocky is stylish.

NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE- Lily and Lady. Need a dream team? Over the last few years we've started selling what we sometimes refer to as executive teams. Many buyers don't have the cash to purchase two top indivuals at the same time, so often great sisters like these two would get split up and go to different homes. We decided that it is a shame to break up two excellent sisters like this. So we have been buying top teams and enjoying them while we wait for the right buyer to come along. Lady and Lily are as good as you will find anywhere. Lady is 4 and Lily is 6 yrs old. They ride well and drive incredibly. They are a large mare team at 15 hands. They are out of top notch breeding and we may be breeding them this year if they do not find a new home. We love them and truly enjoy having them at our farm.


SOLD Fantasia is a really sweet and powerful mare with a great sensible mind. I love everthing about her. We know two of her previous trainers and we were very eager to get our hands on her. The video pretty much shows exactly what she is. Watch it closely to see her mind and her personality.She is a solid 14.2 hands, 4 years old, muscular, with a lovely, soft reddish coat.
SPECIAL OFFER for those wanting to get started driving. We can set you up with Fantasia, a brand new oak cart, and a nice new durable show caliber harness all for $8000. The cart and harness are shown in this video. This would be below our cost for the harness and cart. It looks really sharp with Fantasia.


SOLD Blue was purchased by us a few years back. We had several small children at the time and we needed some very trustworthy Haflingers. Blue was only three when we got her, but she was immediately terrific with the children. Standing calmly for them in halter classes, and driving beautifully in the driving classes. She has also been trail ridden a fair amount. We planned on keeping Blue, so we decided to breed her this year to our new gorgeous stallion, Nostalgic. He is light colored with a very long mane like Blue. We expect the baby to be stunning. If we do decide to sell her prior to foaling, we would offer to buy the foal. We are only considering selling Blue at this time because we added a few more terrific kid horses this year and two of our kids are now old enough to handle more horse. Blue is not a plug. She is a responsive performance horse that can fly down the road when asked. She can run cone courses quickly as well. She is a blast for the whole family.

I'm leaning towards a price of $6800 for Blue with an offer to buy the foal back at 3 months for $1500. That would make Blue's net price only $5300 and you would have the option to keep the foal.

Waltzing William SGH

SORRY-TOO LATE WE'RE KEEPING HIM (But, he does have some siblings available)- Willie is a stud colt out of Cassie and River. He is currently under consideration to be our next Herd Sire. We are considering him because of his type and movement, but most importantly because of his temperament and the amazing temperament of all Cassie's babies. Great minds are foremost in our breeding program. Update- Willie is two years old. He is driving and just starting under saddle. I am super excited about what this horse will be.

Waltzing Blaze SGH

SOLD- Blaze is lover. He is a super sweet gelding that always runs to the gate to meet you. He is three years old, about 14 hands. He is driving really nicely and is traffic safe. He has a calm mind. He is also riding nicely and is now hitting the trails. There are two videos below. The first shows his athleticism. The second shows his calm, steady mind. He has nearly the same genetics as most of the other males listed here. But Blaze's momma is smaller, so we expect Blaze to finish out at approximatley 14.0 to 14.1 hands. He is very sharp looking and athletic and would make an outstanding small CDE horse or a super jumping pony at 14 hands.

See more horses we have recently sold

Black Doctor's Buggy
$2900- This is a lovely black Doctor's Buggy which is in nearly new condition. It has probably been driven less than 20 times. There is nothing wrong with it. We just have two others which are very similar. You can check out the video below.

Albany Cutter
$2000- A fun Albany cutter in nearly new condition.

Haflinger Cart for Sale- Meadowbrook
$1950 - This is the Meadowbrook cart we use to show our Haflingers. You will see many photos of this cart on our website. The cart we are selling is nearly new. We only use it a few times a year at shows.

$4800 - A really nice green wagonette vis-a-vis. Both back seats are removable.

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