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Stardust of Excellence

$8500- Stardust is a stylish 15 hand gelding. He is 4 years old and sired by Standard of Excellence. This video was very early in his training, but we will have some updates soon. He is progressing very rapidly and shows excellent potential to be a nice push-button type of show horse. Our goal is to get him to several shows this spring. He is sensitive and has really big movement at the trot and the canter. He doesn't feel like a pony. He wants to please- a pretty special horse that is very fun to ride and drive. Later this year, his price will probably jump up to the $10K - $12K range. If this is your type of horse, you'll want to watch him closely. We are confident that he is going be turning heads everywhere he goes. He has that kind of presence.


SALE PENDING- Waylon is a 14.3 hand gelding. He is 3 years old and sired by Windstar van de Ooste. He has worked a lot with his half brother, Willie (below). They are a pretty darn solid team. They look really good together and move nicely together. It is our preference to try to keep these two together. Waylon is more confident. He also has a little stronger canter at this point. He is more filled out and better balanced. His registered name is Worthwhile SSH3. There could be a discount for buyers wanting both Willie and Waylon.


SALE PENDING- Willie is a 14.3 hand gelding. He is 3 years old and sired by Windstar van de Ooste. He has worked a lot with his half brother, Waylon. (above). They are a pretty darn solid team. They look really good together and move nicely together. It is our preference to try to keep these two together. Willie is more the rock of the team. He is less confident driving and under saddle, but he always seems to trust the judgement of his rider or driver. We think he will have a great mind and will eventually be a great kids horse. His registered name is Warrior of SSH5. We don't think he is a warrior. He's more of a teddy bear, so we call him Willie Nelson. There could be a discount for buyers wanting both Willie and Waylon.

Albert FHF

$8000- Albert has been a very special horse for us for the past 7 years. My kids have shown him each of those years. Albert's primary job on our farm has been as a "breaking gelding." This means he teaches other younger horses how to drive and how to face traffic. Albert is the rock steady horse that holds the youngster if they try to run away. It gives the younger horse confidence. It is pretty amazing that Albert was a breaking gelding at the age of three. His riding skills have developed over the last few years. He's pretty special. We never intended to sell Albert, but we find ourselves in a situation where we have a couple amazing young horses that are showing the potential to do the same job as Albert. Albert is a part of our family and is loved by my kids. He will need to go to an exceptional loving home.

Carla TMHF

SOLD- Just a great little mare that would be right for most families. She is really sweet and easy-going. Watch the video below and you will see that she is strong and athletic. But she is a true sweeetie. She is 14 hands, and 4 years old.The video below is a pretty accurate presentation of her. It shows who she really is.

Waltzing Classic Edition

$4200 Eddie is a super stylish colt out of terrific breeding. His mother is a good jumper and a true athlete. You can see this athleticism in Eddie. He is a really nice looking yearling.

Waltzing Hans SGH

$5000 Hans is out of our top cross (River x Cassie). He will be good. See full brothers Waltzing Johnny and Waltzing William. Hans is an extremely athletic and powerful yearling.

Master Classic GA

SOLD- We call him Mack. You can call him Teddy Bear or whatever you'd like. He is a true sweetheart and a good choice for most families. He has the kind of calm personality that we hate to sell. But we are blessed with a lot of really good minded horses right now. Mack is only three but no one who meets him believes it. He is wise beyond his years. He is 14 hands, a little stocky, but very stylish. Check out the video below.

Waltzing Johnny SGH

SOLD- The latest edition of Cassie and River to be offered for sale. This has been our top cross for many years. When you watch the video below, you'll see why. Johnny is a stylish young two year old. He has all the promise of his older siblings. Johnny is just statring his driving training now and will be lightly starting under saddle soon. You can see his full sibling, Willie, listed on this page. Born Valentine's Day, 2014, Johnny is going to be somebody's sweetheart.

Waltzing Rox Star SGH

$6000 Rocky's mother is out of one of the top Haflinger families in this country. His father's pedigree is stronger. His mother is listed on this page, with a video. Rocky is stylish.

Bet-She-Rox PA
NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE- This is a very special opportunity. Roxie is the 2013 National Reserve Champion Senior Mare. She is six years old. See the video. She rides and drives nicely. We will get our second foal out of Roxy this year and then she will be available. We're not in a hurry to sell Roxie, as we've had a beautiful foal out of her. But we have two new stallions this year and we're slightly changing what our target mare will be for our breeding program.

See more horses we have recently sold

Black Doctor's Buggy
$2900- This is a lovely black Doctor's Buggy which is in nearly new condition. It has probably been driven less than 20 times. There is nothing wrong with it. We just have two others which are very similar. You can check out the video below.

Albany Cutter
$2000- A fun Albany cutter in nearly new condition.

Haflinger Cart for Sale- Meadowbrook
$1950 - This is the Meadowbrook cart we use to show our Haflingers. You will see many photos of this cart on our website. The cart we are selling is nearly new. We only use it a few times a year at shows.

$4800 - A really nice green wagonette vis-a-vis. Both back seats are removable.

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