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Catch the Moment WRF

SALE PENDING "Cat" is a terrific smaller three year old mare that really moves nicely. She is sweet, sweet, sweet. She was bred by the well known Sutton family in Ohio, where they described her as the sweetest horse they ever owned. She has done a fair amount of trail work and rides pretty nicely. She stands about 14 hands now, but I expect her to grow at least an inch or two. A lot of people are going to fall for this mare when they meet her in person, so don't wait too long to come meet her. She has a refined petite head and pretty eye.

Waltzing Blaze SGH

$3900- Blaze is a sweet gelding that is two years old. He has nearly the same genetics as most of the other males listed here. But Blaze's momma is smaller, so we expect Blaze to finish out at approximatley 14.1 to 14.2 hands. He is also nicely started with his training and appears to be very good natured. He is now working under saddle and driving double with our training geldings.

Waltzing William SGH

$8000- Willie is a stud colt out of Cassie and River. He is currently under consideration to be our next Herd Sire. We are considering him because of his type and movement, but most importantly because of his temperament and the amazing temperament of all Cassie's babies.Great minds are foremost in our breeding program. Update- Willy is approaching two years old. He's slightly overweight right now going into winter. But, he is really growthy and we're quite excited about his looks and behavior.

Waltzing Quest SGH

SOLD- Quest was sold to Bennie Chupp. Quest is stylish and will be a terific show horse. We generally specialize in Haflingers that are good choices for beginners. Quest has been ridden and driven quite bit, but he not yet ready for a beginner. Bennie will be preparing Quest for the Indiana Haflinger Auction, March 28, 2015 in Howe, IN. We expect Quest will look terrific. Quest is 3 yrs old and is expected to finish off between 14.2-14.3. Right now he is a shade under 14.2. You can see more photos and video of Quest by clicking here.

Bet-She-Rox PA
$17,000- This is a very special opportunity. Roxie is the 2013 National Reserve Champion Senior Mare. She is four years old. See the video. You are probably wondering why we would list our best young mare for sale. That is a fair question and I would ask the same thing. We are not eager to sell Roxie. We are making plans to keep her, show her, and breed her.She is now driving so well that I expect my kids will be showing her in 2015. But, we have a philosophy on our farm that almost every horse should be availble for our customers. $17,000 is a very good sum for a Haflinger, and we believe it is a fair price for someone who wants to own this lovely young mare. She is in foal to our stallion, Walzing River TOF. We would be willing to buy the foal back as we expect the foal to be really nice.

Nissan's Nitro SPF

SOLD- Nitro is a great looking, 4 yr old son of Nissan. He drives down the road well. His riding is coming along nicely. He seems like he is going to be a very steady and reliable horse. He has done a few trails and one riding show. He was calm as a cucumber at his first show and was givng kiddie rides by the end of the day. We are excited about Nitro and proud to have him available. He is about 14.3 .

Waltzing Star SGH

SOLD- Star is a nice gelding that is two years old. He is out of Waltzing River and our top producing mare, Cassie MPA. We have never before offered a Cassie offspring for this price. His lower price is a function of the current economy and not because he is in any way inferior to his siblings. Check out the video clip below. Star has the same calm, good natured personality his family is known for. He already ground drives nicely both single and double. He's very nicely started with his training.

Black Doctor's Buggy
$2900- This is a lovely black Doctor's Buggy which is in nearly new condition. It has probably been driven less than 20 times. There is nothing wrong with it. We just have two others which are very similar. You can check out the video below.

Albany Cutter
$2000- A fun Albany cutter in nearly new condition.

Haflinger Cart for Sale- Meadowbrook
$1950 - This is the Meadowbrook cart we use to show our Haflingers. You will see many photos of this cart on our website. The cart we are selling is nearly new. We only use it a few times a year at shows.

$4800 - A really nice green wagonette vis-a-vis. Both back seats are removable.

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